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Our Hope Map

"Like a road map but what I hope to achieve as opposed to what I can guarantee I can achieve, no timelines for anything will be given as everything is dependent on my time and available funds"

Hopemap for The Leprechaun Project

Stage 1


The Leprechaun Collection

- Launch a 1000-piece AI-generated community-created Leprechaun NFT collection. The collection will consist of 500 light Leprechauns and 500 dark Leprechauns, each with its unique charm and personality.

- The Leprechaun Collection serves as a gateway to The Leprechaun Project, aiming to educate people about NFTs, cryptocurrency, and safety within the space. It provides a starting point for newcomers to learn and explore the world of digital assets.

- To support the learning process, a member-only Discord group will be created where the community can come together, share knowledge, and guide each other through the intricacies of NFTs and the crypto world.

- The Discord group will not only focus on educational discussions but also provide a fun and engaging space for communities from various projects to connect, interact, and enjoy activities, games, and giveaways.



The Leprechaun Foundation

- The Leprechaun Foundation is a vital aspect of The Leprechaun Project, dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of special needs children and schools in the Philippines.

- Through this foundation, the project aims to support and empower special needs education by covering the costs of schooling, medical expenses, and developmental services for children in need.

- The focus is on creating inclusive and empowering learning environments for special needs students. This includes working hand in hand with educators and administrators to refurbish classrooms, ensuring they are equipped with suitable learning aids and equipment.

- Additionally, the foundation plans to provide ongoing support to families in need by covering the expenses related to developmental pediatrics check-ups, speech therapy, and behavioral education.

- The initial phase of the foundation will start small, with possibly 10 kids/families from the same area or village. The goal is to ensure that each child receives the necessary support, and a contribution of $1 per day can cover the costs for one child.

- If the program proves successful, there are plans to expand and support more children, positively impacting their lives and giving them the opportunities they deserve.

- The Leprechaun Foundation aims to create a compassionate and supportive community that believes in equal opportunities for all, inspiring hope, transforming lives, and making a lasting difference in the field of special needs education.


Loose Leprechauns

- The Loose Leprechauns project involves the development of a 3333-piece Leprechaun-themed avatar collection. This collection will feature unique and diverse Leprechaun avatars, each with its own distinct characteristics and traits.

- Holders of the original Leprechaun NFT collection will receive a 1:1 drop of Loose Leprechauns, enabling them to expand their collection and engage with the evolving Leprechaun universe.

- To ensure community involvement, the project seeks input and feedback from the community in determining the traits and features of the Loose Leprechauns.

- The avatars will be designed to be compatible with the RFOX VALT metaverse, allowing Leprechaun enthusiasts to showcase their avatars and engage in various activities within the virtual world.

Leprechaun Stories

- Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Leprechauns through the captivating Leprechaun Stories. These engaging short stories bring the magic, adventure,  and folklore of Leprechauns to life.

- Explore a whimsical realm filled with laughter, mischief, and heartwarming moments as you delve into the captivating tales of these legendary beings.

- Each week, subscribers will receive a new Leprechaun Story directly to their inbox, providing a touch of wonder and enchantment to their day.

- The Leprechaun Stories collection aims to transport readers to a world where legends come alive, unexpected surprises await, and the imagination knows no bounds.

Revolving Door Art Project

- The Revolving Door Art Project is a collaborative community initiative where members come together to create a new art collection.

- The project revolves around a theme chosen by the community, allowing everyone to contribute their artistic skills and creativity.

- There are no time limits or constraints, ensuring that participants can engage in the project at their own pace and convenience.

- The Revolving Door Art Project is designed to be a stress-free and enjoyable experience, fostering creativity, collaboration, and a sense of community.

- A percentage of all sales from the art collection will be donated to The Leprechaun Foundation, further supporting its mission of empowering special needs education.


Stage 2


Leprechaun Land

- Embark on a virtual adventure in Leprechaun Land, a 3D gaming world nestled within an RFOX VALT district.

- Immerse yourself in the magic and wonder of this enchanting digital realm, where whimsical landscapes, charming characters, and exciting activities await.

- Engage in a variety of carnival-style mini-games, treasure hunts and exciting quests.

- Discover hidden gems, unlock achievements, and compete for top scores, adding an element of friendly competition and excitement to the gaming experience.

- Leprechaun Land serves as a vibrant hub where players can gather, connect, and forge new friendships, sharing their experiences and creating memorable moments in this magical virtual world.


Leprechaun Clubhouse

- The Leprechaun Clubhouse is an exclusive space within the RFOX VALT metaverse, designed as a gathering spot for Leprechaun NFT holders.

- Located in the Arkamoto Sky apartment, with the lucky number #69 in the mint number, the clubhouse offers a unique and inviting atmosphere for Leprechauns to socialize, trade, and showcase their NFT collections.

- The direction and purpose of the Leprechaun Clubhouse will be determined by the community through Leprechaun holder voting. This ensures that the clubhouse reflects the desires and preferences of the community, creating a space that resonates with Leprechaun enthusiasts.

Mini Leprechaun Companions

- As part of the ongoing development, Leprechaun NFT holders will a receive AI-enabled mini Leprechaun companions.

- These mini Leprechauns will provide interactive and engaging experiences, offering unique functionalities and interactions within the Leprechaun ecosystem.

- More information on the features and capabilities of these mini Leprechaun companions will be released as the development progresses, promising an exciting addition to the Leprechaun universe.

Leprechaun-themed game/app

- The Leprechaun Project aims to develop a captivating Leprechaun-themed game/app, offering an immersive and entertaining experience for players.

- Further details regarding the game mechanics, storyline, and gameplay will be revealed in due course, heightening the anticipation for this exciting addition to the Leprechaun Project.

MIC (Mental Health Support Group)

- The MIC initiative focuses on mental health support within The Leprechaun Project community. It provides a safe and nurturing space for members to discuss their mental health, seek support, and connect with others who may be facing similar challenges.

- The Ambassador Program aims to foster community engagement and growth by appointing passionate individuals as ambassadors of The Leprechaun Project. Ambassadors serve


To be continued....

Donation Address

The Leprechain Foundation



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